Kindergarten Newsletter

 August 29, 2014

Letters- We are starting to learn the letter names of the alphabet. We are going through the alphabet practicing the letter names first. Then we will begin to learn the sounds of the alphabet. We worked on “A”, “B”, “C”, “D”, and “E” this week.

Rhyming- We learned a different rhyme (“Jack and Jill”, “One, Two, Three, Four, Five”, “Pease Porridge Hot”, “I Love Colors”, “To Market, To Market”) each day this week. Ask your child to tell you the rhymes. We also talked about words that rhyme.

Yellow Folder- Please take the papers out of the yellow folder each night and then send the folder back to school every day. It is your child’s responsibility to make sure his/her folder is in his/her backpack each day for school, but you may have to remind your child until it becomes a habit.

Show-N-Share- Wednesday’s Show-n-Share was our teddy bears. Thursday’s Show-n-Share was the brown bags. Next Friday’s Show-n-Share will be something that begins with the first letter of his/her name (Andy might bring an apple, Joey might bring a jet, Victoria might bring a violin).

Newsletter- A Kindergarten Newsletter is sent home almost every Friday. If you are not receiving them, question your child on where he/she placed them. They are also posted under the Kindergarten section of the school website.

Clothes- It may be a good idea to send an extra change of clothes to school for your child especially if he/she tends to have accidents. You may have your child leave the clothes in his/her backpack.

Socks- Please send socks with your child on Tuesdays and Thursdays for Physical Education if they wear flip flops or sandals to school.

Handbook Form- The Flasher Public School Handbook signature pages were due today. If you did not hand them in, please do so as soon as possible.

Party and Event Volunteers- Thank you so much to everyone who signed up to help in the Kindergarten classroom and/or send treats for the various parties and events. I (along with your children) really appreciate your help and time!
Halloween- Taelyn and Kingstyn
Christmas- Carrie and Aiden
Valentine’s Day- Logan and Kamryn
Easter- Piper
Field Trip- Tiernan, Jake, Kelton, and Kingstyn
Play day- Jocelyn and McKenzie

Upcoming Events:
Friday, August 29- Handbook signature page due
Monday, September 1- No School
Wednesday, September 3- Library
Thursday, September 4- Bookmobile
Friday, September 5- Show-n-Share (Details above)